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The RubberStamped Directory Serves Two Main Audiences

Users will enjoy our emphasis on usability, our balanced editorial approach, and our fresh content. does not carry advertising in any form, and listings should not be construed as such. The data in this directory is unique to the RubberStamped Directory, and for reference purposes only .

We charge webmasters a $79 one-time review/evaluation fee in order to help us cover our operating expenses and maintain a clean, high quality directory. We do not offer text advertising, banners, PPC, or sell our e-mail lists to third parties. We reject URLs that don't meet our listing criteria.

Need To Contact Us? Please contact us on (remove pp). If you have made payment, and haven't heard from us within three working days, please contact us and we will investigate the status of your listing.

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Who lists with us?

Many quality websites, large and small, including:

*Brands, Trademarks and Names are the property of their respective owners

Benefits for Webmasters

Tired of waiting for directory submission requests to be processed? Your time is valuable, so we guarantee a two-day turn-around. In addition, we allow you to specify link text, not just your site name. This helps provide more accurate link citation as a sites' name doesn't necessarily describe the sites purpose or function.

We will maintain an up-to-date, credible directory - without the wait!

Benefits for Users

We place emphasis on usability and semantics. Our aim is to make this directory clear, concise and easy to use.

We aim to list sites and categorize them appropriately. We will add sites on a regular basis, not just those that pay to submit, so the directory will always have something new to see.

Our editors seek out and list Topic Center sites, meaning authority sites within communities.

We hope you find our directory a pleasure to use. We've worked hard to make it that way.

Benefits for Research Purposes

Independent, third-party verification of site topics. We're helping to build the semantic web.

Our directory editors align keyword link text with site content and ensure accurate classification is regularly monitored and maintained. We ensure listed sites are intended for end users and classified appropriately. We charge webmasters a review fee, which helps us cover the costs involved in editorial, maintenance and bandwidth.

One major point of difference between Rubberstamped and other directories is that we list Topic Centers, which are sites deemed to be authorities on a given topic. Topic Center sites' are chosen based on a mix of independent usage data and human analysis, not submission or paid placement. Because authority can be transitory, Topic Center listings can change over time. We regularly monitor existing listings, and delist and add Topic Center sites as their relative authority changes.

The listing data is unique to the RubberStamped Directory. does not carry advertising, and accepted listing requests should not be construed as such.

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